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Character Coaching

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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One of the most important roles coaches play in preparing players for competition and life is to give them a chance to develop good character.

We expect a game plan for coaching the X’s and O’s of our sport. What isn’t always clear is how to coach character. Over time we have seen an ever-growing gap develop between coaching the fundamental aspects of a specific sport and the development of quality character. Character Coaches exist to fill this crucial gap in developing the complete athlete.

FCA Character Coach Requirements:

a. Volunteer Application- Volunteers interested in working with coaches, athletes, huddles, and at camps will fill out a MLA application/background check authorization.

b. Orientation- Volunteers will be given a comprehensive orientation on the standards, policies, and practices of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

c. Know the FCA Social Media Guidelines

d. Work under the direction of local FCA Staff, and have a plan for communication and accountability.

e. Character coaches could also be life coaches willing to help all of the players (including those of other faiths or no faith at all) with a variety of issues.

f. Character Coaches should only discuss faith in meetings, where students voluntarily attend or when asked a question by a student one-on-one.

g. All one-on-one meetings and counseling appointments must be done in public view.

Please contact Matt Kerr for information and questions. 

540-875-7662 and